CCaaS is a call center software that is hosted (or built natively) in the cloud instead of hosted on-premises. We maintain and develop the software (hence “as a service”), which allows call centers to focus on using the software to provide better customer experiences.


Manage Your Contact Center


15 years ago, contact centers were primarily run with on-premises software systems. This meant that software was downloaded and maintained on in-house computers and servers and required a significant ongoing investment both in people and regular upgrade costs. In the early 2000s, tech companies realized there was a huge opportunity to take traditional call center software and host it in the cloud. Instead of accessing software via specific computers in a call center, agents could now log in to any internet browser and access the same systems. Enter the first wave of CCaaS offerings. The future of CCaaS is bright!

Customer Benefits

  • Get an immediate ROI through a pay-as-you-go model
  • Utilize the investment you’ve already made by laying over your existing infrastructure
  • Low start-up costs
  • Fast, easy deployment capabilities
  • Demonstrated lower total cost of ownership over premises-based equipment
  • Software upgrades/enhancements and maintenance at no additional cost
  • Scalable and flexible with inherent redundancy and security
  • Easy customization and integration

System Requirements

• Broadband internet connection
• PC with Windows software (Vista or more recent) & Windows-based browsers (IE10+, Chrome, Firefox)
• Telephone with a 10-digit number to receive inbound calls or receive calls via WebRTC directly the agents computer


“Five Stars! We have been using Pivotel's services for all of our communication needs for over 9 years. We chose Pivotel because the price fit and quality of service seemed attractive. We are happy to say many years later that they have lived up to that reputation. Our point person, Marcus, is friendly, responsive, efficient, and honest. We operate from three different locations between Nashville and Knoxville. It is critical that our 20 desktop computers, 44 monitors, 3 laptops, 3 multi-line phone systems, and mega server to operate it all - run smoothly at all times. With Pivotel, we run like a finely oiled machine.

Our advice: ditch the big-name companies for the knowledgeable, dependable and personal service for your small or large business, you can’t do any better than Pivotel.”

Dena Gibson

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