Level Up Your Customer Service With UCaaS

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based service that supports six communication functions: enterprise telephony, audio/video/web conferencing, unified messaging, instant messaging, mobility, and communications-enabled business processes. Not only will UCaaS provide predictable telecommunications costs, reduce hardware and maintenance, and shift capital expenditures to operational expenditures, UCaaS features also enhance customer service.

Customers reach the right person faster. While automated call distribution services such as auto attendants, hunt groups, and call queues allow customers to get the right department that can answer their questions, direct-dialed numbers connect the customer to the intended person right then and there. Voicemails are attended to immediately and are forwarded to agents who are available to provide assistance.

Your workforce can be in different locations. Traditional on-premise solutions require the installation of new cables and other equipment each time a new member joins the team. This becomes even more complex when an offsite location is factored into the equation.

As more and more businesses shift to remote work environments, a traditional PBX expansion becomes expensive and time-consuming. On the other hand, a cloud-based PBX requires only a broadband connection and a computer to add a new team member.

With this setup, remote workers can be members of call centers and hunt groups. Team members can seamlessly work between apps and across devices, which increases efficiency and productivity. UCaaS transforms a global workforce into a homogeneous team, supporting its customer-base on a single platform.
There’s no downtime. Because cloud-based services are not on-premise, businesses can operate as per usual in the event of a natural disaster or any service interruption. Auto attendants and hunt groups still function, and if they can point to the mobile application or other find-me-follow-me programming, team members can still receive calls.
Given the fast pace of business, organizations need business phone systems that provide a seamless customer experience. As remote work environments, multi-location businesses, and the use of mobile technology become the norm in the year 2020 and beyond, UCaaS will play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

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